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House of Surrogates

5/5 Stars, ‘Straight up:  One of the best documentaries this year’ – The Telegraph
4/5 Stars, ‘A perfectly formed insight into global inequality and power dynamics as first-world entitlement meets developing-world desperation’ – Time Out
‘A remarkable and challenging documentary’ – The Daily Mail
‘This was a complex and thought-provoking film throughout’ – The Daily Express
Critics Choice/Pick of the Day- The Times; Mail On Sunday; Guardian; Independent


Dr Nayna Patel runs a clinic in rural India that attracts childless couples
from all over the world.  For a fee, they can pay for a local woman to act
as surrogate on their behalf. The surrogates spend their entire pregnancy
away from home in dorms, where there will be up to 80 other pregnant
surrogates living alongside them.


There are 3 babies delivered every month at the clinic, but that’s not the
end of the story – Westerners can stay up to 8 weeks in India after the baby
is born waiting for the paperwork they need to take their baby home and many
of them choose to have their surrogate look after, and wet-nurse the baby
for them until the day their paperwork arrives.
While critics accuse Dr Patel of exploiting the poor, she believes that she is
empowering the local women with life-changing amounts of money.
An intimate film in an extraordinary setting.
A feature-length film for BBC4.