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We Want Our Country Back

In recent months, Britain First – which says it wants to ban all trace of Islam from the UK – has emerged as a new name in far right politics.

Film director Miles Blayden-Ryall joins deputy leader Jayda Fransen and leader Paul Golding  as they embark on their first public national campaign to garner support.

With seemingly huge numbers viewing the provocative videos they produce and backing them online, they say that the British public is ready to turn out in huge numbers for them and that, as a result, the authorities view them as dangerous and want to shut them down.

Blayden-Ryall is with them on the streets of the UK as they attempt to rally big numbers around their cause, in the face of growing opposition.

But do they have any hope of succeeding? Have the British public really become so intolerant that they will get behind a party with such extreme views?